Nick Kier -


Beds Garden Carers

Tuesday 25th October

Since 1997 Beds Garden Carers has supported people with learning disabilities and their families by way of providing life and work experiences and helping people to learn, develop and grow. Our aim is to give each individual a sense of purpose and achievement helping them to build self-esteem whilst giving them the chance to discover and expand their individual abilities by offering a wide range of activities, work experience and social opportunities.

Anyone is welcome to run or walk one or all of the half marathons with Nick and to seek sponsorship for this chosen charity.

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Beds Garden Carers would like to thank the half marathon runners and walkers who will run and walk for us on Tuesday 25th October and include:


Joshua Hall
Mary Johnson
Adan Yates
Michael Sepede
Ian Ogden


Katherine Bower
Mick Jennion


Chresten Meulengracht

The Seveners !

The Following are running all seven alongside Nick:

Nina Pitcairn
Chris Townson
Robbie Burrells
Simon Bowden
Carmen Bowden
Roy Wildman

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