Nick Kier -


Carers In Bedfordshire

Monday 24th October

Carers in Bedfordshire is a registered charity existing to help family carers and former carers cope with the mental and physical stress arising from their role. We offer assistance such as practical help, advice, training, advocacy, support and information.

Anyone is welcome to run or walk one or all of the half marathons with Nick and to seek sponsorship for this chosen charity.

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Carers in Bedfordshire would like to thank the half marathon runners and walkers who will run and walk for us on Monday 24th October and include:


Nina Pitcairn
Helen Satterthwaite
Jenny Harris
Richard Morley
Ellie Maher
Sharon Rogers
Emma Garrett
Duncan Grant
Steven Rourke
Carrina Pinney
Adrian Pinney
Mike Watkinson
Maureen Hallett
Jill Lake


Shelley Hobbs
Lois Gudgeon
Victoria Jordan
Nita Williams
Joanne Black
Mick Jennion
Hannah Street


Jackie Townson

The Seveners !

The Following are running all seven alongside Nick:

Nina Pitcairn
Chris Townson
Robbie Burrells
Simon Bowden
Carmen Bowden
Roy Wildman

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