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The Road Victims Trust

Saturday 22nd October

The Road Victims Trust is a registered charity offering a range of free support services to residents of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire who have been affected by fatal road collisions.

Anyone is welcome to run or walk one or all of the half marathons with Nick and to seek sponsorship for this chosen charity.

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The Road Victims Trust would like to thank the half marathon runners and walkers who will run and walk for us on Saturday 22nd October and include:


Paul Thurland
Jenny Bryce
Naomi O’Leary
Hayely Robinson
Adrian Smith
Chris Townson
Paul Simpson
Ewan Wilkinson
Natalie Fairbairn
Emma Tinkler
Martin Matthews
Sheena Runham
Ian Mulcahy
Wendy Lenton
Karen Roper
Sam Windebank
Karen Childerley
Mike Kendall
Alan Rickhuss
Bed Goddard
Gary Barnes
Tom Grimshaw
Catherine Hemingway
Maurice Hemingway
Sally Hewitt
Peter Jordan
Hannah Sims
Adrian Spurrell
Laura Hardy
Philip Meulengracht
Carrie Wright
Joanne Owen
Kevin Hinkling
Lesley Carroll
Paul Carroll


Mark Turner
Alison Panton
Clifton Ibbett
Jenny Hillam
Margaret Ibbett
Fran Stedman
Sharon Turner
Erin Wilkinson
Julie Wilkinson
Callum Wilkinson
Susie Wetton
Eric Cartwright
Eileen Hoare
Robert Panton
Jackie Mulcahy
Karen Smith


Ali Greenwood
Hannah Street
Dinah Cambe
James Aspinall
Nita Williams
Robert Walker
Alexander Meulengracht
Chresten Meulengracht
Christopher Meulengracht
Sandra Strandberg
Trish Brickell

The Seveners !

The Following are running all seven alongside Nick:

Nina Pitcairn
Chris Townson
Robbie Burrells
Simon Bowden
Carmen Bowden
Roy Wildman

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